Shower Bait (Brandon Lewis & Hunter Ford)

Release date movie> 2011
: United States
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Flip-Flop sex, Big dick, Blow Job, Cumshots, Muscules
Length: 00:19:11
Description: The story takes place in the sports hall, after a joint training two guys go to the cheapest.
One of the guys secretly watching the second decided to offer to rub his back, which eventually ended with flip-flops have sex!
PS A rare film where Hunter Ford starred in a passive role!


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Slave Boys Club

Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Genre: Asian, Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, BDSM, Domination, Pissing, Waxing, Foot Fetish, Toy, Rimming, Fingering, Masturbation, Cumshot
Length: 2:17:00
Language: Japanese
Movie Studio Code: NSS-11 025
Studio: New Sexual

Description: Porn in typical Japanese style.
Staright guys are very popular among gay people.
Everyone wants to have a sexual with a straight guy, and this dream just became bigger and stronger ...
But times have passed and they now could fulfill their dreams by making them a reality.
Sexual desires that could not be suppressed, now gay guys go on a hunt for straight guys in secret and now made straight guys their sexual slaves.
And now tonight another straight guy will become a sexual slave .

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Country: Canada
Genre: Big Cock, Masturbation, Cum Eating, Solo
Length: 00:14:56

Description: This hunky blonde top has a delicious 8 inch cock that needs constant attention. "I'm not even kidding. I just broke up with a guy because he wasn't into sucking my cock. Fuck that - get on your knees or get out! "

He slowly works his rock hard 8 cock and slowly strips bare naked to reveal his amazing atheletic body. He stares down the camera with his steel blue eyes as he slowly works his monster cock then sprays a huge load of cum all over the coffee table. He bends right down and licks up every drop of his creamy white goodness. Waste not, want not!

File size: 406.1 MB

Frisbee 2

Year: 2011
Country: EU
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Twinks (Young Meat), Rimming, Tattoos, Outdoor Sex
Length: 1:43:16
Director: Robert Boggs
Studio: AYOR Studio

Description: New from European studios AYOR! Guys are ready to have fun with each other and provide you with pleasure!

File size: 1.8 GB

Hose ’em Down

Year: 1994
Country: United States
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, Threesome, Classic
Length: 1:12:52
Directed by: Charles Rover, Marc Fredrics
Studio: In Deep Video

Description: Director Marc Fredrics has had a string of hits under his two video lines with Video 10, and Hose 'Em Down is definitely no exception. The low down on Hose 'Em Down is that it stars super sexy Brick Stanton ... need you hear more?

File size: 698.4 MB

Goosed For 3! – A Bisexual Love Affair

Year: 2001
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal / Vaginal Sex, Bisex, Group, Cumshot, Toys, Rimming, Dildos
Length: 2:19:09
Directed by: Tina Tyler
Studio: Stable Entertainment

Description: Sometimes it takes more than two people to make a happily married couple. It's the acclaimed steaming sequel to GayVN's Best Bisexual Video of the Year!
Rob and new wife Jenny move to Toyland from Pittsburgh for Jenny's new TV show. They're also searching to find "The Perfect One" to complete the third charm on their bracelet-a he or a she! Her cousins ​​Tweedle Dumb & Dumber found them the perfect house. The meet up with their realtor who thinks Rob's hot ... Shirl's really got a sales pitch ... but she's not the perfect one. Two of the pigs ... are at it again ... with Red Riding Hood, proving all men are pigs! Meanwhile, Gorgi Porgy and Margery Daw are lesbos lickin 'up a storm. Not to be outdone, Tweedle Dumb and Dumber help themselves to a sultry three-way with handyman Sonny's slab of meat in Rob's garage. TV station manager Scooter's lusted after by his secretary and his new male assistant ... and have a cock-sucking contest.

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Tino and Rio

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Genre: twinks, oral sex, anal sex, latinos
Length: 00:11:56

Description: Very nice guy bored, finds amusement in her ass.

File size: 348.2 MB

Japanese Boys Vol.02

Year: 2002
Country: Japan
Genre: Asian, Twinks, Oral / Anal Sex, Blowjob, Handjob, Bondage, Toy, Masturbation, Cumshot
Length: 1:33:33
Language: Japanese
Movie Studio Code: GY-02
Studio: Oriental Dream Pictures
Censorship: None

Description: The very best of Japanese male-on-male sexual heat! The series, the men, and the heat in Volume 2.

File size: 1.4 GB

Think Big 1

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, Solo, Classic
Length: 1:26:29
Director: Dirk Yates
Studio: Seabag Productions, All Worlds Video

Description: A late 80s video from Seabag, Dirk Yates' outfit in San Diego, which tries for once to go beyond the usual sailor / US Marine-on-a-weekend-pass scenario to take a look at the behind-the-scenes of the gay porn "industry". In other words, this is another of those casting couch films, quite literally in the David Ashfield scene. Rodd, Rick's cousin, just graduated from high school, has watched his videos and he is convinced he's got what it takes to "make it big" in gay porn. Beside Rodd's letter to Rick that we see at the beginning, the whole film is narrated by the voiceover of one of Rodd's "buddies" (who's probably 20 years his senior). The final chance meeting of the two (they've been staying at the same hotel and run into eah other in the "all-male spa") is particularly anticlimactic due to Rick Donovan's as per usual limited range: he is the only one not to suck cock in this movie.

Rick Donovan introduces his bigger cousin Rodd Donovan. The sensational story of an excessively endowed young man and his quest for XXX-Rated stardom, takes him on a hedonistic journey through the alleys of porn heaven.

1. Rick Donovan solo
Rick Donovan's solo is a short early clip of his, more or less jerking off in a jacuzzi (he doesn't have a cumshot), said by the voiceover to come from a big hit of his, "Military Maneuvers", which is unknown to this database.
2. David Ashfield OgrAt, Allen Shea OgrAb
3. Todd Grey OgrAbRr, Rodd Donovan OgrAtRg
4. Geoffrey Spears OgrAb, Paul Coder Ogr
Geoffrey takes a large two-headed dildo.
5. Rodd Donovan solo
With auto-fellatio.
6. Nick Fabrini OgrAt, Butch Taylor OgrAb
7. Rick Donovan OrMgr, Rodd Donovan OgMgr

File size: 862.5 MB

Balls In Play

Hunky Karan (What an ASS!) is practicing his-ball handling and what a treat it is to watch. Big dicked Bunchoi drifts in, naked, erect, and ready with full expectations of engaging in a different sort of ball play. He has his hands full, so to speak, but eventually succeeds and watching these two deliver the goods is pure pleasure.

Cutie, Udomsak, finds Rewat’s ass protruding from the sheets and is determined to take full advantage of it. His buddy would rather sleep, well, that is until Udomsak decides to start sucking and chewing on his TOES. Great place to start. These two have a lot of sucking-fucking fun together.

Finally, BIG-dicked Adonis, Suratin, returns from XTM duty to take care of Praiwan’s nice round ass. First we need to see everybody get hard and then, well, a pounding is what Praiwan gets.

File size: 1.0 GB