Some Thugs Come To Us

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Cumshots, Outdoor
Length: 00:17:05
Description: i got a call from a Thug ... of all things. I don't know how he got my number, but apparently he heard what we do. So we went to go pick him up and whoah .. he was hot! I warned him what he was going to expect and he was totally down .. but could he handle it. I took him to a private spot and he sucked my homeboys dick like a pro! I think he's done this before. The next thing hes hunched forward getting a deep dicking in his ass. You could say it was a good day.

File size: 379.6 MB

Junkyard Thug!

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Cumshots, Outdoor, 720p
Length: 00:24:06
Description: Ain't nothing better then thug hunting in the junk-yard. And we sure found us a thug. Kind of hard to miss him. he was dressed out in some bright-ass clothes, but that chocolate skin looked mighty good in the sun. Especially when he's on his knees sucking cock and legs up in the air getting banged out by our little homie. Thug hunting ain't easy. Peace!

File size: 638.0 MB

Kevin Goes Wild

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Solo, Classic
Length: 1:18:03
Directed by: Ansel Rainer
Studio: Man 2 Man / Man to Man, InHand Video, Pleasure Productions

Description: After a brief intro of Kevin Wiles on the beach unsuccessfully trying to establish eye contact with Sven Olaf in full surfer gear (it looks like the same location used at the beginning of scene 2 of CALIFORNIA DREAMIN ', when Brian Estevez sees surfer Brad Allman, aka Chris McKenzie), he goes home and falls asleep on a couch. Suddenly he is naked on some kind of altar and there appears Gino Colbert, equally naked, who will serve as "gay demon", and MC, for the ensuing "fantasies". The two reappear between each scene til the end, when Gino Colbert is left alone after Kevin's magical disappearance.

File size: 610.8 MB

Mad About the Boy

Year: 1997
Country: United States
Genre: Plot Based, Softcore, Classic
Length: 1:23:44
Directed by: Xavier
Studio: Pride Video

Description: Mads about the Boy features four highly erotic and emotionally charged tales of love and sex. Four vignettes focus on obsessional love and star nine of Europe's most beautiful guys. From the director of The Chain Reaction.
JAMIE - Jamie's gay and studying at college. He's on the local gay scene and is secure in his sexuality. Jason is the college stud - the head of football and rugby and is a major hit with the girls. Jamie obviously fancies him, but knows it's pure fantasy or is it ...
TIM & PHILIP - Tim and Philip are life long best friends. They hang about together and have never questioned each others sexuality. That's until Tim arrives home early one day to find Philip in bed with a man. Tim's shocked but surprisingly turned on ...
DANIEL - Daniel is a hooker working the London scene. He makes the ultimate mistake of falling in love with one of his clients. He thinks he's blown it when he refuses to take money one night - but only finds the client feels the same way about him, but what of the problems this affair stirs up.
TOM - Only son Tom visits his family's country homne to find the old gardener has been replaced by a local village lad. Tom is obsessed by Mark, the hunky new gardener. After some passionate sexual interluds, Tom gets a nasty shock when a blackmail note turns up ...

File size: 802.9 MB

Muscle Quest

Year: 2000
Country: United States
Genre: Softcore, Erotic, Muscle
Length: 00:52:17
Directed by: Ron Williams
Studio: Vista Video International

Description: Muscle Dreams and Muscle Quest are companion videos which take you on a voyeuristic journey through a fantasy world of male perfection. Top fitness stars are presented in imaginative sequences with incomparable photography.

File size: 564.2 MB

JMV 95 Master’s Toys

Year: 2009
Country: United States
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, FemDom, Fetish, Latex, AllGirl
Length: 1:10:06
Directed by: Jewell Marceau
Studio: Jewell Marceau Productions
Starring: Jewell Marceau, Sinn Sage
Description: This erotic tale directed by famous fetish film creator John Fitzgerald (Gwenmedia-"Ivy Manor" series) and written and produced by Jewell Marceau captures the most sexually charged bondage scenes combined with edgy, tension building S & M play. Ms. Marceau and Mr. Fitzgerald come together once again to electrically charge the audience in the most explicit scenes they have ever filmed as a team. Sinn Sage joins this duo for some hardcore play in a submissive and dominant role. Featuring heavy rubber attire, stringent bondage positions, a variety of beatings and torture, G / G action, and real orgasms, this movie will have you gripping with both hands

File size: 550.4 MB

Glossmen NM 30

Country: Japan
Genre: Asian, Oral / Anal Sex, Sperm, Blowjob, Handjob, Fingering, Masturbation, Cumshot
Length: 1:35:00
Language: Japanese
Studio: Japan Pictures, Gloss
Censorship: None

Description: Japanese porn is very rare variant - in the absence of censorship!

File size: 1.1 GB

Tickle Ties

Year: 2008
Country: United States
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, FemDom, Fetish, Latex, NoSex, AllGirl
Length: 1:33:00
Directed by: Jewell Marceau
Studio: Jewell Marceau Productions

Description: Jewell Marceau presents an all out tickle fest in this action packed video full of laughter, giggles, forced orgasms, tight bondage, teasing humiliation, S & M, and forced tickle torture endured by a tasty selection of the hottest fetish models on the web. There is no mercy for these quivering beauties begging to be rescued from their bonds. They just cannot escape their own laughter and the endless threat of the notorious tickle! Tickle torture gets the bound beauties bouncing and writhing in every time! Watch and enjoy!

File size: 855.3 MB

Bitch Better Have My $Money$

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Cumshots, Outdoor
Length: 00:28:02
Description: What up thug hunters? This week's episode is fucking We brought in our pal Kevin who is a ripped six foot two inch white dude. Kevin had no problem slumming in the hood to find real hardcore thug. We actually found one hanging out by the railroad tracks and believe me ... He was a mother fuckin thug! He also claimed to be straight until Kevin started smashing his mouth and asshole in. Straight thugging, son!

File size: 615.0 MB

Fox’s Lair

Year: 1995
Country: United States
Genre: Plot Based, Oral, Anal, Muscle, Classic
Length: 1:41:11
Directed by: John Trennel
Studio: Studio 2000

Description: Triple the Foxes - triple the fun! Together in one film, Steve Fox, Ryan Fox, and the incomparable Ty Fox play brothers who learn that the family that plays together, stays together!

File size: 979.1 MB