I Gotta Million Problems But A Thug Ain’t One

Genres: Studs, Interracial, Duet, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
Video language: English

I got a call from a thug who was down on his luck. I told my boy Trace and we hopped in the car and scooped him up. Gotta capitalize on a Thug that needs money, because then you get'em in the palm of your hand. And Antwone was our latest victim. We took him to one of those local souvenir shops over at the Beach and found a secluded spot in the back to get nasty. Antwone sucks dick like a pro. Trace sure had a good time pounding his head into that clothes rack and pounding that ass in the couch..that is until the store clerk caught us ..oops!

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Pushing Back One’s Limits

Release Year: 2013
Genres: Anal, Blowjob, Rimming, Muscle, Bodybuilder, Dildo
Video language: English

An episode of firsts, twists and turns… Sometimes your best plans for a shoot are thrown off the rails by the spontaneous and unexpected. This scene, as you will see, has a succession of these. We have been testing the waters recently with Alec about bottoming, but he has never put anything up his ass before and has been quite nervous about the idea. Our first surprise of the day occurred when he arrived for the shoot. He told us that he wanted to take his first steps with anal play. So Christian, being the gentle giant that he is, offered to help out and, suddenly, being the good bottom he is, he became the mentor. He volunteered to do some anal play with toys and see where that would lead Alec.

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Sex In The Shop

Genres: Studs, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Cumshots, Outdoor
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Thug Hunting ain't no joke! It's hard out here for a pimp. Especially when they're fucking thugged out like this guy. Spencer doesn't give a fuck because he loves that hardcore thuggish ruggish shit. He went straight to the block where it's hot. Fortunately, Spencer found a dark handsome hunk with a doo-rag sitting on the stoop of a house. Doing what he does best. Selling that ish! Well his ass that is.

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Airplane Nut

Genres: Studs, Duet, Interracial, Outdoor, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
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We were hunting over in the ghettos by the airport in Hialeah. Thats when we found our mark. This kid was suspect and we knew, thats why we had to keep him from getting on the bus. We threw some money at face and he was ready to fuck, he even knew a secret place where he takes his hoes to fuck. At the roof right next to an airport. Homeboy was sucking dick while the airplanes were flying over head that shit was straight up gangster son. This boy was all about the dick too, as soon he had dick in his mouth he went to work. Ready to put that shit in his ass too. He got straight up pounded as the flight from Vancouver made its approach to land giving all the vacationer a warm welcome to Miami..Thug Hunter Style.

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Thug Search 101

Genres: Studs, Interracial, Duet, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
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These days I've been having a craving for a particular kind of ass.... A thug ass.. You know with their pants all hanging down, you see their boxers & everything like that, their attitude is so bad ass, it just really turns me on. So we take a ride through the hood looking for a really hot thug to fuck (YEAH!!!) after driving for about an hour or two we spot a potential victim coming out of the corner store by himself... You know I had to get out & holler We talked for a bit then I invited him over for a "party at my house" told him there will be women & drink & stuff like that & he hoped right in for a ride back to the pad.... After a little small talk I started touching on him asking stupid questions like"do you work out?" & stuff like that & just pulled his cock right out & stuffed it in my mouth & from there....... IT'S ON!!! Enjoy!

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15 Minutes Of Fame

Genres: Studs, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Cumshots, Outdoor
Video language: English

We were out doing street interviews in the street and of course looking for Thugs to fuck. When we found ourselves in the midst of a ghetto gawker. He saw that we had our camera and thought we're the news. He wanted to be on TV and he wouldn't shut up about it at all! If fact the only time he ever shut up was when we put a dick in his mouth. He wanted to be on TV right, we put him on to something better ThugHunter and he was our latest target.

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Italo And Zander Craze

Release Year: 2013
Cast: Italo Gang, Zander Craze
Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, BigDick, Blowjob, Facial

Italo looks perfect in every position and he´s so flexible that he always shows us things we never saw before. So he does in this video when he gets fucked by hung stud Zander Craze. He fucks Italo´s muscular gymnast butt from every angle just like Italo needs it.

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Futebol 3

Studio: French Connection
Cast: Josemar, Pablo, Jackeson, Raphael, Thiago
Genres: Latin, International, Jocks, Outdoors

It's the world's most popular sport, enjoyed in every country and in every corner of the globe. Day and night there's always a game going on somewhere, with heart-pumping, non-stop action that keeps young men hard and upright and soaked in sweat from the first move to the final thrust. And if that sounds like a perfect description for soccer, you might be right, but we're talking about sex! The kind that young men can only enjoy with other young men, anytime and any place!

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Caleb Moreton And Ian Samson

Genres: Kissing, Oral/Anal Sex

Caleb is a dark-haired college jock who enjoys working out. When he's not playing sports, this tall, well-hung stud is eating ass. He loves a tight pink hole and loves to fuck bareback. And with his huge, fat, uncut slab of meat, there's no bottom that can resist him!

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Brian Brower And Luke Bentley

Genres: Twink, Oral/Anal Sex

This gay twink is very horny, always craving for more gay sex. The sex that he likes is gay bareback sex because he loves to feel the sensation when warm creamy cum rushes through his fuck hole. Whenever asked, Luke gladly gives his sex partner ass rimming and dick sucking. His tongue is very talented, sweeping the ass and the cock head flexibly. One of his hobbies is to collect gay porn material from the internet, ranging from gay sex stories, gay porn photos, and gay sex videos. Luke loves the gay porn world, thus is very excited when we asks him to pose for us. Get his sexy nude picures and gay sex video here!

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