Erotic Solo

Release Year: 2014
Genres: Solo

Frantisek Adams is from Liberec and is aged 21. He works in logistics and enjoys sports and bodybuilding as well as going to the gym. What a very handsome guy Frantisek is and, after his interview, he leans back and begins to feel his body. Sliding a hand inside his jeans he also gropes himself as the other hand slides up and under his tee-shirt.

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Duration: 28:26
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2504kbps
Audio: 122kbps

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Screen Test

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Felix and Milan -
Genres: Studs, Muscules, Solo, Duet, Trio, Orgy, Oral

The gorgeous Milan Neoral agreed to try out with another guy, so we set up a Screentest for him with the very studly Felix Ryha. Things start off with Felix doing a brief interview with Milan and then leaning over to kiss him. As they sit on the bed, in just their underwear Felix kisses Milan and feels his hot chest. He licks on Milan's nipples as well and returns to kissing him. Milan responds by rubbing Felix. Then, under direction from Felix, Milan lays on his back. Felix straddles him and kisses him some more. Then Felix starts feeling Milan's groin, his hand sliding inside the underwear.

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Duration: 20:51
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Audio: 78kbps

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Dreambook Ep.05

Release Year: 2014
Genres: Studs, Muscules, Solo, Duet, Trio, Orgy, Oral

We see Viktor continuing to read. Then we find Lukas Vaculik approaching Joska Kalvoda. Then discuss a missing diary and go off in search of it. They find that Viktor has it and has been reading it. So Lukas locks the door and he and Joska lay Viktor on the table and begin to strip him. Lukas kisses Victor and Joska sucks on his cock. Viktor is always hard and horny, so his cock is ready for Joska's hot mouth. Lukas works his way down to Viktor's nipples, kissing and licking them. Then Lukas pulls out his cock and slaps it against Viktor's mouth. They get him naked and Lukas slides his cock into Viktor's mouth. Joska has his own big thick cock out and wanks it as he sucks on Viktor's toes. Then Lukas moves, to suck on Viktor's hard cock. Joska moves up so that Viktor can suck on his thick meat. Lukas and Joska swap places again with more sucking.

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Duration: 24:53
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Audio: 76kbps

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Dreambook Ep.04

Release Year: 2014
Genres: Studs, Muscules, Solo, Duet, Trio, Orgy, Oral

We have Lukas Vaculik and Vladimir Richter. We join Vladimir as he is reading. We find Viktor, whose dreambook it is, reading, and then we see Lukas and Vladimir, in their uniforms. It seems they are soaking wet and they get undressed, to avoid getting sick. As they get undressed Lukas gets to feel Vladimir's big cock, admiring it. They only strip to the underwear, but it isn't long before Vladimir's shorts are down and Lukas is suckin on his hard cock. Having been sucked it is only right that Vladimir returns the favour and soon he is sucking Lukas' thick , hard cock.

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Duration: 22:49
Video: 960x640, AVC (H.264), 2389kbps
Audio: 76kbps

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Erotic Duo – Session Stills

Release Year: 2014
Genres: Studs, Muscules, Solo, Duet, Trio, Orgy, Oral

They both looked so good in their castings that we just had to set up a shoot with them together. They certainly look so good together, as they removes their tee-shirts to show that they both have hot bodies. Standing together, arms over each other's shoulders, and smiling, they are such a turn on. They remove their jeans and pose again, in just underwear, smiling all the time. Turning and pushing the shorts down they show off a pair of very hot asses. They pose like that, twisting around, hands behind their heads. Then it is off with the shorts and, hands on hips they give us their flaccid cocks. Those cocks look so good as they pose, arms around the shoulders again, looking into each other's eyes. Kneeling on the sofa, to show off their asses gives a great view of each. They just look so hot and are clearly having a great time.

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Duration: 17:53
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2478kbps
Audio: 120kbps

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Erotic Duo – Erotic Solo

Release Year: 2014
Genres: Studs, Muscules, Solo, Duet

David Kott is aged 20 and his brother Michal is 23. This pair of very sexy brothers are from Pribam. What a pair of beauties these guys are. They gave us a great stills shoot and a very hot video. Now we get to enjoy their fetish pics too.

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Duration: 36:01
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2493kbps
Audio: 121kbps

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Cherry Torn Ragdoll Fucked Til Limp

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Cherry Torn
Genres: BDSM, Bondage
Video language: English

In part three of our first live Sexuallybroken show, the destruction of Cherry picks up the pace. Cherry is is limp and glassy eyed, the sex has blasted her into another dimension. It is a thing of beauty how absolutely fucked up a proper erving of cock gets this girl. If she is this gone from fucking, let us give her a DP and see what happens, shall we?

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:08
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 7329kbps
Audio: 108kbps

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Brutal Punishing Deepthroat Pn 10 Inch B B C

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Chanell Heart, Matt Williams
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Domination, Hardcore
Video language: English

A leather collar keeps her head and facepussy mashed right up against the bars of the cage. The addition of some simple zip ties is all it takes to render her completely immobilized. She can not move or shift her face. Her mouth is mashed up against the bars, ready to receive any cock that might come along. And today we have 2 rock hard cocks ready to put this slut in her place. Chanell will be trained and used without ever even being taken out of her cage. One after another, the dicks walk up and own her throat. The pounding is brutal and without mercy. Chanell chokes and gasps, trying to keep on top of it, but already losing. She is never given a chance. The cock will win, it always does. The tight confines of the metal cage keep her contained, the collar keeps her head in place, the dick reshapes her throat. Her eyes and mouth water. She is blasted into sexual subspace.

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:22
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 6754kbps
Audio: 105kbps

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Sexy Cha

Release Year: 2014
Cast: Cha
Genres: Ladyboy, Transsexual, Hardcore, Anal

Fucking gorgeous, the best steamy sex I have had, Cha Cha is my dream. Soft brown skin, brown cock, brown eyes, soft and strong rippling female figure, natural tits, long legs, a fast beating heart and a devotion to me, what more do you want in a girl? She thrusts her small round bottom back on my hips, and twists her face framed with thick long black hair to meet mine, then locks her lips on my mouth. Her tongue penetrates my mouth as my penis penetrates between her firm buttocks, the perfect symbiosis of man and girl, each with appropriate and engorged penis. Life is for living, Cha Cha is life. Whatever else is right or wrong in your life, one hour with Cha Cha, every minute with her, is worth the whole of the rest of your life.

Format: mp4
Duration: 39:55
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 5995kbps
Audio: 91kbps

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No Holes Barred

Cast: Jerome Reynolds, Leon Duffin, Lou Devane, Lucky Taylor
Video language: English

Flip Flop: verb - To be versatile, to give as good as one gets. Cover boy Erik Haaz proves he is equally adept at pitching and catching in Flip Flop. See Erik, Ruslan Brodovich, Lucky Taylor, Radovan Grunberk, Jerome Reynolds, Danny Ray Leon Duffin, Lou Devane, Pat Matnevich, Randall Sacks and Tim Berry each Flip Flop for each other and for your pleasure. Life is short, why limit yourself!

Format: avi
Duration: 2:13:52
Video: 848x480, DivX 5, 1464kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.6 GB