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Year: 1999
Country: Hungary
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral
Length: 1:11:59
Directed by: Marc Fredrics
Studio: Matt Sterling International
Starring: Colby Tavers, Gyorgy Kestov, Ian Rikki, Istvan Kurikov, Jorge Detawyi, Kurt Miklos, Ramus Prady, Rolf Kristen, Serge Rahndol, Viktor Selvey, Yuri Premoff

Description: Shot on a small farm in the Hungarian countryside, Uncut features a great cast of handsome young men, each of them horny and eager to satisfy one another's need for hot man-to-man sex. And, as the title suggests, each of these horny hunks are hung big and uncut, further increasing the non-stop excitement.

1. Viktor Selvey At, Kurt Miklos Ab
2. Gyorgy Kestov At, Rolf Kristen Ab
3. Ian Rikki solo, Jorge Detawyi solo
4. Ramus Prady At, Yuri Premoff Ab, Serge Rahndol
5. Istvan Kurikov At, Ian Rikki Ab
6. Viktor Selvey Abt, Colby Tavers Abt

File size: 540.9 MB

The Next Valentino

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Length: 1:11:36
Directed by: Jim West
Studio: Fraternity Row Productions
Cast: Butch Taylor, Eric Manchester, Erich Lange, Jake Stewart, John Gardner, Josh Luciano, Kevin Glover, Max Barker, Steve Hammond, Tyler Moore

Description: 1. Kevin Glover Og, Butch Taylor Or
2. Erich Lange OgAb, Josh Luciano OrAt
3. Kevin Glover, Eric Manchester Ab, Steve Hammond At, Jake Stewart, Tyler Moore, Butch Taylor
film set orgy
4. Erich Lange, Max Barker, Kevin Glover
tea room sex with policeman Max Barke

File size: 687.0 MB

Turbo Charge

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Solo, Vintage
Length: 00:57:40
Directed by: Steve Scott, Al Parker
Studio: Al Parker Productions
Starring: Al Parker, Justin Cade, Dixon Hardy, Frank Sterling, James Williams

Description: One of the earliest (believe it or not) to show safer sex as HOT sex - including condoms, of course, but sex toys, and Al Parker putting Saran Wrap on Justin Cade's waiting ass before he dives in face first!

1. Al Parker OrgAtRg, Justin Cade OrgAbRr
2. Dixon Hardy Ogr self sucking solo
3. James Williams OrAbRr, Al Parker OgAtRg

File size: 825.8 MB

Cruisin ’57

Year: 1979
Country: United States
Genre: Shot on film, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Length: 1:07:07
Director: Toby Ross
Studio: Bijou Video
Cast: Clayton Erp, David Larson, Gary Nelson, Michael Mooney, Peanuts, Terry Winter

Description: Special Collection Notes: although there are a few minor non-sequiturs for 1957, the film carries off the theme very well.

1. Cruisin ''57, pt 1
Mike Tennis nonsex
Action Sequence: Starts with a drive-in scene, cameo role by Mike Tennis - model walks by, then goes in apartment, does a long teasing
buildup with Gary, trading off orally, then Gary screws David
kneeling on couch, good close-ups.
2. Cruisin ''57, pt 2
Michael Muni Mg, Mike Tennis Mr
Action Sequence: Toby Ross in a cameo role, a scene wherein Clay gropes Frank. takes his cock out of his pants and jerks him, fantasizing on blowing him after Lots of good looking "extras" sitting around ignoring it all.
3. Cruisin ''57, pt 3
Peanuts At, Michael Muni Ab
Action Sequence: Paul, sitting in his room jerking off, then sucks Bill, stripping progressively. Bill screws Paul kneeling on the bed, pulls and jerks off as Paul does the same, both climax. Bill is exceptionally attractive, combs hair to end it.
4. Cruisin ''57, pt 4
Michael Muni
Action Sequence: Paul watches Kevin from his window, gets hot and strips, masturbates as he watches his friend. Some fantasy scenes of Paul's flash to show Kevin erect and masturbating as he talks to Paul. Back to room for climax.
5. Cruisin ''57, pt 5
Terry Winter At, Michael Muni Ab
Action Sequence: Fantasy lives! Kevin comes into the garage as Paul works on his car, gets his coveralls open and sucks him. Kevin gets up on the hood to get his sucks, plays the real cool cat. Inside the car, Kevin balls Paul in the front seat and across the seat backs. Kevin's hardon is hard.

File size: 699.2 MB

Boys of the Slums

Year: 1976
Country: United States
Genre: Shot on film, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Length: 1:02:18
Director: Toby Ross
Studio: Hornbill Video
Starring: Bill Kaiser, Carey Langdon, Davey Williams, Frank Dobbs, John Carmon, Lew Zion, Mike Anthony (II), Nick Dozer, Troy Ballard

Description: Sex in a slum, or at least a run down building, by a bunch of longhaired guys that complain about their situation in spite of all the foreskin they have to play with.

1.1. The Club House
Three very young and very, very hot guys get together in their makeshift clubhouse. They're just kids who like to mess around, but once they get started, they don't stop. They may be young, but they know what they want, with their hard cocks and open mouths and asses all ready for action. Hard action. Maybe you've heard about boys' clubs before, but we'll bet you've never seen the kind of rough and tumble sloppy sex that these eager boys have with each other.
1.2. Two uncut guys fuck.
2.1. New Boy in Town
An attractive new boy in th neighborhood is a natural for the club, but first he has to pass the initiation. That means the pants come down and the cocks go up while one of the experienced boys tries out the new kid's talents. While the two of them are getting it off, two others are on the roof sunning. Since their clothes are already off, they're pretty much ready for action, and soon they're going at each other as if they invented sucking and fucking. Wait till you see these hungry kids feast on each other.
Two guys in Florida suck and fuck besides a pool while the slum guys bitch in envy.
2.2. Two 'new' guys suck and fuck.
3.1. In the Alley
First a straight kid is brought into the club for a little trade. The club member who finds him glues his mouth around the straight kid's fat, hard cock to give him a good of ​​all the hot sex he's missing. You know the kid will be back for more. . . . Later that night a terrific blond finds a dark young lovers sitting on the stairs. Both of them are hung, humpy and horny. You just won't believe these boys.
Two guys in a stairwell suck and fuck.
3.2. Somebody finds money and they all live happily ever after.

File size: 584.2 MB

Big Brother is Watching You

Year: 1981
Country: United States
Genre: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Vintage
Length: 1:00:42
Directed by: Robert Walters
Studio: Nova Films
Cast: Rusty Evans, Doug Harper, Dan Harper, Don Rockford, Paul Howel, Jeff Hunte

Description: Four unrelated loops.

1. Big Brother is Watching You (short) - 1981
Danny Harper OrgAt, Doug Harper OrgAb
Guy caught jerking off is spanked by his brother. Together they take a bath and end up sucking and fucking each other. Doug catches Danny jacking off and a hard spanking is just the start of the younger kid's punishment! Hot ass soon gives way to hard cocks as these horny studs go at it!
2. Sun Deck
Jack Burke, Les Roberts
A guy jerking off on a deck is joined by a hiker for sucking and fucking. Doing it in the great outdoors... in front of the whole wide world! And... do these guys know hot to do it... and do it... and do it!!! There isn't a way they leave out!
3. Marathon Man - 1982
Rusty Evans Abt, Jeff Hunter (nv) Atb
Guy wearing a jock strap dreams of sucking a friend in the shower. Locker room buddies quickly discover how to handle a couple of bone-hard stiffers! From the gym to the showers and back again, it is all hard cocks, hot mouths and tight asses!

Track All-Star, Rusty Evans, knows he's turned-on to his humpy teammate, Jeff Hunter, and can't keep hot, sexual fantasies from flooding his mind. What he doesn't know is that Jeff is having exactly the same hot thoughts! When these two young studs finally come together... it's hard, hot and strong, every way and all the way!
4. Drive, He Said - b1981
Scott Allen Ogr, Dan Rockford OgrAbMg, Paul Howell (nf) solo
Scott Allen is driven by his chauffeur (Paul Howell) to look for a trick. Dan Rockford fits the bill. The two sample each other's wares in the back seat as the driver jerks off while motoring through the streets. A hot three-way that really knows how to drive it... hard, faster, deeper... all ram and thrust until load after load is shot out of bulging balls with all three ending up totally drained!!!

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Released: 2010
Genre: Bisexual, Doggie Style, Blowjob, Spooning, Cunnilingus, Standing Doggie, Threesome
Studio: All Worlds Video
Starring: April, Cameron Sage, Chandler, Cole, Frankie Nation, Jade Marxx, Marty Slater, Mason Jarr, Ryan Conner, Troy Stevens
Length: 1:27:14
Description: Via the Internet, Cameron encounters the joys of sex with women and men! There is enough of this gorgeous man to go around!

File size: 1.2 GB

Tifa Motion Picture Collection Flash

Year: 2009
Genre: Oral sex, Straight, Big tits, Blowjob, 3D
Series: ep.1
Length: 28 min
Censorship: Yes to all files
Language: Japanese
Postproduction: Original
Studio: FINAL FUCK 7

Description: Like nothing to describe Tifa as usual
FINAL FUCK 7 brings out a splendid interactive motion picture featuring Tifa * ockheart of FFVII.
Tifa is excited of seeing you who'd been desperate to see her, but she finds something strange about you ...
Tifa goes wild as she she recognizes you are thinking of sex thing ...

File size: 543.5 MB

Sex Quest

Year: 1995
Country: United States
Genre: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, BLACK, Classic
Length: 1:02:22
Directed by: T.J. Young
Studio: Man's Best
Cast: Bernard Singletray, Buster Duncan, Chad Conners, Christian Thorn, Gerome Watson, Mark Jennings, Mikie (Magik), T-Spoon, Todd Fuller, Tony Little, Vincent White

Description: Beautiful Chad Connors is on his own, and looking for that perfect match ... A return for Mark Jennings / Dan Parks from the eighties.
2 awards the Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards (the "Grabbys") 1996 (Best Video, Best Performer - Mikie (Magik))

File size: 598.5 MB

TS Mariana Cordoba – Delicious Handjob

Genre: shemale, white, spanish, big dick, solo, masturbation, cumshot
Length: 00:17:19

A young boy brings his hand up to climax Marian

Video Quality: SiteRip
Video Format: FLV
Video Codec: Flash
Audio: MP3
Video: 1000x750 4000kbps 30fps
Audio: 44100Hz stereo 64Kbps

File size: 505.0 MB